Lê Quốc Tuấn

  • Lê Quốc Tuấn

  • Chức vụ: Trưởng khoa
  • Học vị: Tiến sĩ
  • Email: lqtuan@ntt.edu.vn
1. Education
Ph.D.(Food Science), Kasetsart University, Thailand
M.S.(Food Science), Kasetsart University, Thailand
BSc (Food Technology), Can Tho University, Vietnam

Research Areas  
- Microwave applications in Food
- Rice products and relevant
- Process acceleration
- Fruit juice processing
- Canning fruit processing

- Developed products: Microwave-quickly cooked brown rice, Microwave-puffed pork rinds, Microwave-shrimp cassava cracker, Ultrasound-accelerated salted egg, Microwave-accelerated aged rice, coffee products.

Current Interest & Researches
Innovative drying technologies, Infrared & Microwave Technique, Pre- & Post-harvest of rice and fruits, Rice starch Application, Accelerated food process, Colloid systems in Foods.

Teaching Course Development

*For Undergraduate Student
  • Food Product Development
  • Rice utilization and science: chemistry
  • Drying technology and modeling
  • Colloid system in food
  • Research methodology
  • Statistical analysis in food science and technology
*For Graduate Student
  • Advanced Food Science
  • Advanced Statistic
  • Advanced Research Methodology
  • Advanced Drying Technology
  • Quality Management in Food Industry
  • Starch use in food
  • Main component interactions of food science
  • Microwave and Electromagnetic waves in food science and technology
 5. Ministry-level Project: Grapefruit product developments.

 6. Presentations & Publications Peer- selected review journals (Scopus and SCI)