Đỗ Thị Thao

  • Đỗ Thị Thao

  • Chức vụ: Giảng viên
  • Học vị: Thạc sĩ
  • Email: dtthao@ntt.edu.vn
MSc (Environmental Science and Management), University of Liège, Belgum - VietNam
Eng (Environmental Technology), Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city , Vietnam

Development technology for  wastewater treatment and exhausted gases: physical, chemical, biological technology.
Designing  and  Building pilot   for treatment then technology transfer and application into practice.
Toxic in Environment, toxic in Food
Development synthesis of new material using for treatment

Environmental analysis
Environmental technology
Soil pollution and treatment

List of research projects

1.  Assessing the level of toxic residues in aquatic products, Building solutions to ensure the quality of seafood for export standards. 2009 - 2011. Department of Science and Technology in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.
2. Building documentation for hazardous waste management in industry, Applying for industry manufactory. 2010 – 2012. Ministry of Industry and Trade.
3. Research, define the agarwood trees (Aquilaria crassna) and symbiotic fungi species which capable of producing agarwood at Phu Quoc national park. 2010 - 2012. Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Kien Giang Province.
4. Teaching and Training about Environmental protection for petroleum - at Dong Nai Petroleum Company.  2011. Dong Nai provine
5. Teaching and training about environmental protection for ports and shipping at Saigon Port. 2012. Ho Chi Minh city.
6. Teaching at Tay Nguyen University, DakLak province, 2016
Peer- selected review journals (Scopus and SCI)
7. Thao Thi Do and Partner. 2010. Study, Determine of Aquilaria crassna plants kind and symbiotic fungi species that is capable of creation aloe wood to be of Phu Quoc national park. An International Conference on Biotechnology and environment.
8. Thao Thi Do and Partner. 2011. Analysis, assessment of residual Toxic and antibiotic in Seafood materials and products for domestic and export in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province . Submitted to the 1st  International Conference on Energy, Environment and Climate Changes.
9. Thao Thi Do and Partner. 2011. Toxic residues in seafood products in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. Journal of Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city
10. Thao Thi Do and Partner. 2012. Building documentation for industrial hazardous waste management in Viet Nam. Journal of Nguyen Tat Thanh University.
11. Thao Thi Do and Partner. 2014. Utilization, protection of natural resources and environment, sustainable development of the Central Highlands, Journal of Natural Resources and Environment.
12. Thao Thi Do, 2018. Designed and constructed the model of iron reduction in drinking water by method of raindrop combined with filtration through the layer of Filox materials which can apply in citizen. Journal of Natural Resources and Environment.
13. Thao Thi Do, 2018. Building iron removal model in Drinking water treatment. Journal of Nguyen Tat Thanh University.
14. Thao Thi Do, 2018, Alkaline soil - new resources, Journal of Natural Resources and Environment.
15. Thao Thi Do, 2018, Application of Fenton reaction and Jartest model for treatment of laboratory wastewater at university. Journal of Natural Resources and Environment.
16. Thao Thi Do, 2018, Establishment of safety process at First Solar project in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh city, Journal of Natural Resources and Environment.